Board of Directors

Below is a listing of the Alberta Cultural Society for the Deaf Board of Directors.

Executive Level

Name Title E-Mail Address
Sandra Reid President, ASL Director [email protected]
Emil Kvarnberg Vice-President [email protected]
Elizabeth Pollock Secretary [email protected]
Rebecca Lehman Treasurer [email protected]
Crystal Wolfe North Alberta Director [email protected]
Cher Homersham South Alberta Director [email protected]
Brenda Hillcox Casino Chairperson [email protected]
Dena Ruiter-Koopmans ACSD History Chairperson [email protected]
Teena Westerlund Public Relations Chairperson [email protected]
Victoria Meusel ACSD Administrative Assistant [email protected]

Board of Directors

Name E-Mail Address
Clark Archibald
Brenda Hillcox
Cher Homersham
Emil Kvarnberg
Gwendolyn Lathe
Rebecca Lehman
Charmaine Letourneau
Anita Mazzuca
Bonny Milliken
Len Mitchell
Sonya Moyer
Calvin Novak
Elizabeth Pollock
Sandra Reid
Dena Ruiter-Koopmans
Christine Spink
Angela Stratiy
Teena Westerlund
Ashlee Wilson
Chad Wolfe
Crystal Wolfe

History of ACSD Committee

ASL Immersion

Name Title E-Mail Address
Vacant ASL Immersion Coordinator