Board of Directors

Below is a listing of the Alberta Cultural Society for the Deaf Board of Directors.

Executive Level

Name Title E-Mail Address
Sandra Reid President, ASL Director [email protected]
Emil Kvarnberg Vice-President [email protected]
Elizabeth Pollock Secretary [email protected]
Rebecca Lehman Treasurer [email protected]
Crystal Wolfe North Alberta Director [email protected]
Vacant South Alberta Director
Brenda Hillcox Casino Chairperson [email protected]
Dena Ruiter-Koopmans ACSD History Chairperson [email protected]
Vacant Public Relations Chairperson
Victoria Meusel ACSD Administrative Assistant [email protected]

Board of Directors

Name E-Mail Address
Clark Archibald
Brenda Hillcox
Emil Kvarnberg
Gwendolyn Lathe
Rebecca Lehman
Charmaine Letourneau
Anita Mazzuca
Bonny Milliken
Len Mitchell
Sonya Moyer
Calvin Novak
Elizabeth Pollock
Sandra Reid
Dena Ruiter-Koopmans
Christine Spink
Angela Stratiy
Ashlee Wilson
Chad Wolfe
Crystal Wolfe

History of ACSD Committee

ASL Immersion

Name Title E-Mail Address
Brenda Hillcox ASL Immersion Coordinator [email protected]