ACSD Edmonton Library Books

Title Author First Name Author Last Name Number of Copies Reserve Book
Fingerselled Word Recognition through Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (include DVD) 2 Reserve Now
Family Resource Guide 1 Reserve Now
Advanced American Sign Language Workbook 4 Reserve Now
A Handful of Stories 1 Reserve Now
Deaf Way 1 Reserve Now
Let Your Fingers Do The Talking 3 Reserve Now
A Parent Guidebook: ASL and Early Literacy 1 Reserve Now
Deaf Way II, Featuring Visual Artists, Gallaudet University 1 Reserve Now
Master ASL, Fingerspelling, Numbers, and Glossing 2 Reserve Now
Parent Information Report 1 Reserve Now
Deaf Woman of Canada Campbell 2 Reserve Now
Master ASL, Level One 2 Reserve Now
Another Handful of Stories 1 Reserve Now
ASL Eye Spy Handshapes McLaughlin, Cripps and Small 1 Reserve Now
Movers and Shakers, Deaf People Who Changed the World 1 Reserve Now
Signs in Judaism Adele Kronick Shuart 1 Reserve Now
Splish Splat Alexia Domney 1 Reserve Now
101 Activities for Teaching ASL Angela Stratiy 1 Reserve Now
A Guide For Parents & Teachers to Accompany The American Sign & English Literature Videotape Series: FRECKLES AND POPPER! Anita Small 1 Reserve Now
One Way Deaf Way Ann Silver 1 Reserve Now
Fifth Discipline Fieldbook Art Kleiner 1 Reserve Now
Tales from the Clubroom Bernard Bragg 6 Reserve Now
Lessons in Laughter: The Autobiography of Deaf Actor Bernard Bragg 1 Reserve Now
The Rubbish Monster Braam Jordan 1 Reserve Now
Deafie's World Carl Brown 1 Reserve Now
Test of Communication Skill Carl Grove 1 Reserve Now
Inside Deaf Culture Carol Padden 1 Reserve Now
Legacies and Legends Carolyn Ball 1 Reserve Now
American Sign Language: A Beginning Course (teacher's manual) Catherine Kettrick 1 Reserve Now
American Sign Language: A Beginning Course Catherine Kettrick 1 Reserve Now
Directory of Signs & Signals Catherine Davidson 1 Reserve Now
Sign Language for Everyone Cathy Rice 1 Reserve Now
Deaf People are Just Like You But... CCSD 4 Reserve Now
El Deaf Cece Bell 1 Reserve Now
American Sign Language: A look at it history, structure, and community Charlotte Baker 1 Reserve Now
Silent Observer Christy Mackinnon 1 Reserve Now
Signing in Fourteen Languages Claude O. Proctor 1 Reserve Now
Lingusitrics of American Sign Language: An Introduction Clayton Valli 1 Reserve Now
Samuel Thomas Greene Clifton F. Carbin 1 Reserve Now
Deaf Heritage in Canada Clifton F. Carbin 3 Reserve Now