ACSD Edmonton Library Books

Title Author First Name Author Last Name Number of Copies Reserve Book
Fingerselled Word Recognition through Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (include DVD) 2 Reserve Now
Figure & Ground: Deaf View Photography 1 Reserve Now
Fifth Discipline Fieldbook Art Kleiner 1 Reserve Now
Festival of the Arts Handbook 1 Reserve Now
Family Resource Guide 1 Reserve Now
Facilitating Manual Communication for Interpreters Students and Teachers Leo Dicker 1 Reserve Now
Eyes of Desire: A Deaf Gay & Lesbian Reader Raymond Luck 1 Reserve Now
Essential ASL Martin L.A. Sternberg 1 Reserve Now
Empowerment and Black Deaf Persons, Gallaudet University 1 Reserve Now
Elements of a Culture Visions by Deaf Artists 3 Reserve Now
El Deaf Cece Bell 1 Reserve Now
Easy-to-use Concise Teaching Handbook for Part-time Non-Teachers Elaine Coren 1 Reserve Now
Earliest History of Deaf Education in Europe 1 Reserve Now
Douglas Tilden; The Man and His Legacy Mildred Albronda 1 Reserve Now
Directory of Signs & Signals Catherine Davidson 1 Reserve Now
Dictionary of Cultural Literacy E.D Hirsch 1 Reserve Now
DEN LILLE TEGN - DANSK ORDBOG 243 BASISTEGN ( Danish Sign Language) 1 Reserve Now
Deception's Full Circle J.G. Martinson 1 Reserve Now
Deafness: The Invisible Handicap 1 Reserve Now
Deafness in the Adult 1 Reserve Now
Deafinitions for Signlets Ken Glickman 2 Reserve Now
Deafie's World Carl Brown 1 Reserve Now
Deaf Women; A Parade through the Decades Mabs Holcomb 2 Reserve Now
Deaf Women's Lives Frances Parsons 1 Reserve Now
Deaf Woman of Canada Campbell 2 Reserve Now
Deaf Way II, Featuring Visual Artists, Gallaudet University 1 Reserve Now
Deaf Way II Anthology Tonya Stremlau 2 Reserve Now
Deaf Way 1 Reserve Now
Deaf Studies: What's Up? 1 Reserve Now
Deaf People are Just Like You But... CCSD 4 Reserve Now
Deaf History Unveiled: Interpretations from the New Scholarship John Vickrey Van Cleve 1 Reserve Now
Deaf Heritage: Student Text and Workbook Jack R Gannon 1 Reserve Now
Deaf Heritage: A Narrative History of Deaf America Jack R. Gannon 1 Reserve Now
Deaf Heritage in Canada Clifton F. Carbin 3 Reserve Now
Deaf Gain: Raising the Stakes for Human Diversity Joseph Murray 2 Reserve Now
Deaf Culture Our Way Roy K. Holcomb 4 Reserve Now
Deaf Culture Fairy Tales Roz Rosen 1 Reserve Now
Deaf Culture Centre 1 Reserve Now
Deaf child crossing Marlee Matlin 2 Reserve Now
Deaf Centre Manitoba 25 years : Enriching our culture and our community 1 Reserve Now