ACSD Edmonton Library Books

Title Author First Name Author Last Name Number of Copies Reserve Book
Movers and Shakers, Deaf People Who Changes the World (teacher's guide) 1 Reserve Now
Movers and Shakers, Deaf People Who Changed the World 1 Reserve Now
Mother Goose in Sign: Beginning Sign Language Series S. Harold Collins 1 Reserve Now
More Deafinitions Ken Glickman 2 Reserve Now
Master ASL, Level One 2 Reserve Now
Master ASL, Fingerspelling, Numbers, and Glossing 2 Reserve Now
Mask of Benevolence Harlan Lane 4 Reserve Now
Lingusitrics of American Sign Language: An Introduction Clayton Valli 1 Reserve Now
Let Your Fingers Do The Talking 3 Reserve Now
Lessons in Laughter: The Autobiography of Deaf Actor Bernard Bragg 1 Reserve Now
Legacies and Legends Carolyn Ball 1 Reserve Now
Learning to See Sherman Wilcox 1 Reserve Now
Learning Outcomes for American Sign Language Skills Levels 1-4 Marty M. Taylor 1 Reserve Now
LA LANGUE DES SIGNS (LSQ): Plus de 1700 photos Paul Bourcier 1 Reserve Now
Know That... Quotes From Deaf Woman Tina Jo Breindel 1 Reserve Now
Kiowa A Woman Missionary in Indian Territory Isabel Crawford 1 Reserve Now
Joy of Signing Lottie L. Riekehof 3 Reserve Now
Journey into a Deaf World Harlan Lane 1 Reserve Now
Introduction to American Deaf Culture Tom Holcomb 2 Reserve Now
Interpretation Skills: English to American Sign Language Marty M. Taylor 1 Reserve Now
Interpretation Skills: American Sign Language to English Marty M. Taylor 1 Reserve Now
Inside Deaf Culture Carol Padden 1 Reserve Now
In This Sign Joanne Greenberg 3 Reserve Now
I knew Elizabeth Peet: Queen of Gallaudet Frances M. Parsons 1 Reserve Now
I didn't Hear the Dragon Roar Frances Parsons 1 Reserve Now
Hurt Go Happy Ginny Rorby 1 Reserve Now
How To Hold Students Vernon L. Taylor 6 Reserve Now
History of Gallaudet David F. Armstrong 1 Reserve Now
History of Deaf Sports in Alberta Jo-Anne Robinson 1 Reserve Now
History of Deaf People Per Eriksson 1 Reserve Now
Have You Ever Seen...?: ASL Handshape DVD/book Smith and Jacobowitz 1 Reserve Now
Hand Talk Remy Charlip 1 Reserve Now
Gentle into the Darkness Patricia Conrad 2 Reserve Now
Genetics, Disability, and Deafness John Vickrey Van Cleve 1 Reserve Now
Gallaudet Today 1 Reserve Now
GA and SK Etiquette Sharon & Keith Cagle 1 Reserve Now
Fundamentals of Evaluating Sign Language Programs Mike Kemp 1 Reserve Now
Forrest Curwin Nickerson 6 Reserve Now
Forbidden Signs Douglas C. Bayton 1 Reserve Now
For Hearing People Only Matthew S. Moore 2 Reserve Now