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Newsletter 2024

ACSD Newsletter - February 2024 Edition

Table of Context:

  1. Welcome New Executive Board Members

  2. ASL Classes Starting

  3. NDACF and SLIC Conference

  4. New ASL Administrative Assistant

  5. ACSD Office Administrative Assistant

ASL Classes Starting

ASL 101, ASL 102, and ASL 104 classes started and running for 10 weeks. It's a fantastic opportunity to enhance your ASL skills.

Link to ASL Classes

NEW ASL Administrative Assistant

We are delighted to announce the newest addition to our team, Christine Davidson, as our ASL Administrative Assistant. Christine will focus on running ASL classes and will be sharing fun facts on the ACSD Facebook page. Please share this news with friends interested in learning ASL

Welcome New Executive and Board Members!

President: Sonya Moyer

Vice President: Landon Krentz

Secretary: Bonny Milliken

Treasurer: Carl Pickett

Director at Large:

Brenda Hillcox

Gwendolyn Lathe

David Burnat

Wanda Vintinner

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NDACF and SLIC Conference

Save the date for the National Deaf Arts and Culture Festival (NDACF) and SLIC Conference, taking place from July 31st to August 5th, 2024

More info


ACSD Office Administrative Assistant Position

In February, we plan to hire an Administrative Assistant to manage the ACSD office. Stay tuned for the introduction of the new team member!

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